Share and know real time Kampala traffic updates with the Traffica app

The Traffica app is an all new app develop by greater minds which is a Ugandan based developer group that chose to come up with a creative innovation towards the transport sector set to reduce on the issue of traffic jam all over the city,take a look at this app from a personal point of view! assuming you have an urgent situation you need to attend  quickly and you are not sure of what road to use since you have it in mind that if i use his route at this time i may  find traffic jam all over the road and if i take this route it may be minimal,well at the end of the day you take a route you believe has less traffic only to bum into a long line of cars in a one way road,how frustrating can that be assuming you boarded an Uber! the costs automatically go high each time you stay in the Que for long Uber will charge you 2x the total fare.Now that’s where Traffica comes in to save you from that hustle!

The Ict in transport & insurance expo set to  drive Uganda’s transport sector to life shall feature all innovations in the transport industry and we expect to see more Traffica like ideas brought to life since this acts as a platform that brings up all these amazing creative ideas by various developers from Uganda which shall still act as a big boost to the Ict sector which still lacks support to bring up the creative ideas withing the Ugandan developers.Find out more about this expo here

Uganda’s transport sector is by no doubt a fast growing sector with Ict innovations like quick tap which won the overall prize at the Ucc organised transport hackathon in may this year at the eve of the articipated Acia awards 2017 together with other runners up like the sonet Uganda team that promised to come up with the next big idea,safe boda being the fast motorcycle based transport solution availing the public with safe boda transportation in and around Kampala has got the country by storm since many users opt to use it in favor against the car based uber and quick taxi,but all these innovations rely on one factor  Traffic flow which affects their functionality and execution of tasks that’s why traffica came into place with a unique promising solution to end the unpredictable traffic flow withing Kampala and the country in general since a user in Jinja can as well make use of this app or someone in Gulu too can alert other users in the surrounding regions about the current traffic flow.

The Traffica app comes in two languages,Luganda and English with yet more to be added and is a  crowd sourced platforms which relies on its app users together with other road users to help other know the traffic situation where a user is and they help each other as well.The app has 3 features namely,traffic posts,other services and tips where a user can view,search,comment and make traffic updates then view promoted services by businesses and individuals together with offering tips to the road users about their car care and maintenance. However one is required to create an account before using this app which is quite awesome to prevent fraudulent users.

This is an app you don’t want to miss having on your phone,download the Traffica app from Google play store today by clicking

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