Here are the current DSTV Packages and Prices in Kenya (2023)

    The current DSTV Packages and prices in Kenya reflect Multichoice Africa’s standard to guarantee a high-quality viewing experience for every customer on the content delivered via Satellite Dish. In recent years, Showmax has been devised as an add-on for DSTV customers to offer more quality over the Internet.

    In Kenya, you can enjoy local content on Maisha Magic, and broad African content that’s most ruled by Nigerian movies on Africa Magic channels. With sports as the key genre on DSTV, Soccer is the norm on most Supersport channels that are activated depending on your package.

    The current DSTV Packages in Kenya range from Lite which offers the lowest number of channels to Premium which unlocks all channels offered on DSTV. Whether you love movies, or sports, or prefer cartoons, the current DSTV packages and prices in Kenya may suit your needs.

    The Current DSTV Packages and Prices in Kenya

    All DSTV Packages in Kenya including Lite, Access, Family, Compact, Compact Plus, and Premium are all priced differently based on the number of available channels as below.

    DSTV PackageNumber of ChannelsPrice per month
    Compact Plus155+5,500/=
    DSTV Packages and Prices in Kenya

    On average, the base DSTV package offers at least 10+ HD channels while the rest are offered in standard quality. The same applies to all mid-priced packages like Access and Family which means high-quality channels contribute to the expensive price tag for Premium and Compact + packages.

    When choosing any DSTV package in Kenya, consider its attached price tag to be clear of your monthly renewal fees, and plan your expenses better. And as a standard, the same DSTV packages are offered in other countries like Uganda, Nigeria, and South Africa where multichoice operates.


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