Here are the current DSTV Packages and Prices in Nigeria

The current DSTV Packages and Prices in Nigeria follow MultiChoice’s preset pattern across Africa. Given the growing customer base mainly attributed to the platform’s Supersport monopoly, DSTV is the best pay-TV provider you can subscribe to in Nigeria with programming tailored for a local audience.

Among the key channels available across all DSTV Packages in Nigeria is Africa Magics which is sliced into two, Igbo and Hausa, so, whatever your preferred language is, DSTV has a tailored drama package for you.

By pricing, the current DSTV packages and prices in Nigeria range from 2,150 Naira per month to 21,000 Naira per month. Packages start from Padi which is the cheapest and offers moderate channels, then Premium maintains its rank as the top most package you can choose for all channels offered by DSTV.

The Current DSTV Packages and Prices in Nigeria

Compact Plus145+14,250

By viewing quality, the Padi channel offers 1 HD channel, Yanga 7, Confam 10, Compact 20, Compact Plus 30, and Premium 38 HD channels that are all bundled into your account. Also, Supersport channels change depending on the package with premium offering all selections.

To subscribe to a specific DSTV package in Nigeria, you can log in to your DSTV account, then, change the package, and pay the new amount for your account to integrate well, in case of errors on your decoder, you can still clear them through the My Account interface.

In conclusion, the current DSTV packages and prices in Nigeria often change, but average with the economic conditions in the country. But even still, all packages offer minor differences in the channel list with most local entertainment available from as low as the Padi package.

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