Game Of Thrones Returns With Season7

The Mother of dragons reaches the dragon stone with her advisor Tyrion lanister

After a long wait the popular Game of thrones series is back with season 7 and finally upon us with the first episode due to be broadcasted on 16th July 2017! Wait did you know Daenerys Targaryen is on the move to strike westros and reclaim her house’s glory again before they were ousted by the Baratheons,With a new king in the north named John snow and of course the prophesized king by the lady in red will he be ready to avenge his father’s legacy,all that and alot more shall be revealed in the 7th season of Game of thrones.

Cersi and Jaime just above the 7 kingdoms map
“Its Ours now,we just have to take it” Cersie Lanister told Jaime Lanister walking over a fresh painted survey for the empire But jaime resisted they had lost all their children and so the Lanister house was fading away with Tirion being the main advisor for the dragon girl Daenerys Targaryen who is on her way to get back her house’s throne after a long way to retain it back through the Dothoraki where she’s the Khalisi having married Khal drago who she killed while he was in a half dead half alive state after the witch had sacrificed the son inorder to retain the father’s life which never worked but rather sorrow for the khalisi which forced daenerys to burn the witch while she went ahead to bring to earth her 3 most precious dragons in the presence of the dothoraki community which had stayed by her side amidst the death of their khal.
John snow addresses the north
The 1st episode of Game of thrones was named dragon stone clearly expressing and point towards targaryen who crossed the narrow see with her trio dragons together with thousands of men ready to fight by her side.
But while the mother of dragons runs her fingers  along the vast dusted painted table curved in shape of westros and declares “Shall we begin” shes definitely not meaning any house work in the presence of Tirion Lanister who is her advisor,well shes ready to attack westros and reclaim her father’s throne.
The King in the north-John Snow
To the north John snow the proclaimed king in the north stated out that treason shall not survive in the north and wont go unpurnished but rather any one who betrays him shall be killed just like a policy made by his father edard starck who was gradually killed by Geoffrey baratheon with claims that he had betrayed his king RObert Baratheon by having throne ambitions though this was false as the late had left a will and rather not respected by the queen mother Cersi lanister who only wanted to finish Edard for knowing the truth that the prince was not Robert’s son but rather her brother’s.
The king in the north instructed all men in the kingdom to mine for golden glasses which are the only weapons that can defeat the army of the dead who are on attack and currently in large numbers putting a threat to the seven kingdoms since the ice bridge at casle blac is not strong enough to assure proper security that could stop the dead’s army in the first place.
Sam tally tries sending a letter to John snow after reading about the dragon stone island
While Samuel tally managed to get keys to the library restricted area here he takes care of the elderly,he has learned alot of secrets about the wildings and tricks that were used by the targaryens.Now with the wildings in question,and the hount able to find a home with his crew that saved his life giving him a chance to speak with the fire and learn that indeed the wildings are real and ready to strike.
Arya Starck imposing as Walder Frey
Walder frey leader of the freys was congratulating his men more so having betrayed the starcks little did his men know he was already dead and so arya starck with her new technique of changing faces had poisoned all of them with wine and later telling them while they collapsing that the starcks shall always be great.
The mother of dragons Daenarys targaryen is on her way to westros as she made it to the dragon stone haboured on the iron island of the targaryen.
The Queen in kingslanding Cersi Lanister is preparing for war as shes trying to get allies inorder to strengthen their army as Arya starck is on the move to the south only to join a group of soldiers and she claims heading to their queen.

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