How to Go Live on TikTok, and what you need to know

TikTok is a disruptive video sharing Social media App that has taken the world by storm with a more bullish streak picked from the current COVID 19 Pandemic. With TikTok, having fun with Social Media is a daily tale than on any other platform.

Well, some of the amazing TikTok features that are scarce to access, but easily witnessed on the platform include Going live in a fashion similar to Facebook Live, and Instagram Live.

However, for TikTok, Going Live requires you to meet specific requirements to activate the feature of sharing real-time longer videos with your followers. Once your account meets the set requirement, the live feature then becomes active for your Account.

TikTok Live Requirements

  • You must have 1000 Followers or more

Go Live on TikTok

  1. Click the + button at the bottom of your TikTok App.
  2. From the displayed options, select Live.
  3. Give your live session a Title and tap Go Live.
  4. You Live session will Immediately start.
  5. To end your stream, simply tap End.

If your account meets the Live streaming requirements, your account will then be eligible to host a live session. To go live on TikTok, simply tap the + button at the bottom of the App, and select Live from the displayed recording options.

Once Selected, Give your Live session a title, then tap ‘Go Live’. Once Live, you can end the session any time during the Live sessions since Tiktok doesn’t have any time limits at the moment.

However Live sessions are not saved once your stream ends. Henceforth, unlike Facebook live sessions which can be saved once a stream ends, and Instagram Live which can be replayed even after the stream, TikTok sessions can’t be saved nor replayed.

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