How to Access and Use GPT-4 with image support

    You can access and use GPT-4 which supports image support in the latest update by Open AI. GPT-4 replaces the GPT 3 API and GPT 3.5 that is used in the free ChatGPT version. With ChatGPT as the flagship product of Open AI, the new combined product is thought of as ChatGPT 4 which replaces ChatGPT 3.

    However, there is a big limitation to who and how you can use GPT 4 as revealed by Open AI. You need to have an active ChatGPT Plus subscription in order to access and use GPT-4 directly on your device.

    With GPT-4, a large multimodal model is implemented and it accepts image and text inputs which is a big leap from GPT-3 as we know it. So, your ability to access and use GPT-4 is a big plus to using the new Artificial Intelligence model that has already been put to use in Bing AI Chat.

    You can access and use GPT-4 which is an improved version to GPT-3
    GPT-4 Offers Faster, shorter, and accurate results than ChatGPT-3

    In a reveal by Microsoft, the new Bing powered by Bing AI Chat already uses the GPT-4 model and that’s the reason why it has many differences from the free version of ChatGPT. This means you have an open window to access and use GPT-4 without having an active ChatGPT Plus subscription.

    In comparison to GPT 3.5, GPT-4 is much more powerful with visual inputs as a key feature to best generate both graphical and text responses in your ChatGPT conversations you can save in a PDF. This is a leap ahead in solving difficult problems with improved accuracy, and to make the process easier, below is your path to accessing GPT-4 today.

    Access and Use GPT-4

    GPT-4 requires an active ChatGPT Plus subscription with a usage cap currently put in place. With time, GPT-4 will be available for free just like ChatGPT-3, but for now, you can access GPT-4 in two ways as explained below.

    Using ChatGPT Plus

    Access GPT-4 in ChatGPT Plus
    ChatGPT Plus let’s you select GPT-4 by default to generate your prompts
    1. Visit the ChatGPT web page.
    2. Log in to your ChatGPT Plus Account.
    3. Start using the new GPT-4 interface with an added attachment button in the query field to upload your images.
    4. To best GPT-4 in your ChatGPT Plus window, test the tool by feeding it your query and emphasize the tone you need the tool to reply.
    5. DONE: You will receive fast and accurate ChatGPT-4 results generated right in your Window.

    Access GPT-4 using Bing AI Chat

    The Bing AI Chat Design
    Bing AI Chat offers 3 Reply Modes
    1. Visit the new Bing search engine.
    2. Login to your Microsoft Account that has access to Bing AI Chat.
    3. Access Bing AI Chat.
    4. Set your Bing AI Chat mode to More Precise.
    5. Instruct Bing AI Chat to use the GPT-4 when replying to your prompt as below:
    Using GPT 4, solve my query <prompt>.
    1. Bing AI Chat will generate results using GPT 4 and provide you with the feedback you need in a fast and accurate mode.
    2. DONE: Since Bing AI Chat is plugged in directly to GPT-4, all results generated in reply to your instruction will have GPT-4 accuracy.


    You can access GPT-4 in two ways as described in this article, by either upgrading to ChatGPT Plus, or using Bing AI that is plugged directly to the GPT-3 API in any web browser such as Google Chrome.

    In the coming months, GPT-4 will also be available for free as revealed by Open AI, for now, these are the only two ways you can access it in a non-developer way.

    As a developer, you can access the GPT-4 API through your Open AI account to develop applications that use the new language model. This is free and will not require a Plus subscription since Open AI is open source. For now, GPT-4 is not free with ChatGPT but can be utilized through Bing AI Chat.



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    Satyam Gupta
    Satyam Gupta
    March 17, 2023 14:30

    How to use image support

    March 18, 2023 22:11

    Just paid for chatgpt plus, I can select GPT 4 but there is no attachment button. Did they remove it?

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