How to borrow MTN Airtime, data and Payback later

You can borrow MTN airtime and data, then payback later at your own convenience. In hard times like the current COVID19 era, getting a toast of MTN Credit is a feature that was pre-thought of by the telco as a customer lives spicer.

As a loans predeterminant, you suffer a small charge each time you borrow MTN airtime or data on your account. Proportionally, the telco places a small percentage as its payable fee deducted when you’re paying back.

In a similar manner, MTN Mokash is the cash equivalent of borrowing airtime and data. With Mokash, you can borrow Mobile Money cash and payback later at a constant interest rate of 9%.

But contrary to borrowing money with MTN Mokash, when your borrow MTN airtime, no re-payment deadlines are placed on your loaned amount, and so, you can pay back any time by crediting your account. Nonetheless, here is how you can borrow MTN airtime and data in Uganda.

How you can Borrow MTN Airtime in Uganda

  • Dial *146#
  • Choose your preferred Airtime amount to borrow
  • Once you select a preferred amount, your account will be credited with the requested airtime figure.
  • DONE: To check for your airtime balance dial *131#

How to Borrow MTN Data

  • Dial *146#
  • From the list of options, select option 5 (Borrow Data Bundle)
  • Then, From the list of Data offers, choose your preferred data bundle
  • Once selected, your account will be topped up with the data offer
  • DONE: To check your remaining data balance, dial *131# or *150*1*4*1#

How you can Borrow MTN Voice Bundles in Uganda

  • Dial *146#
  • From the main menu, select option 4 (Borrow Voice Bundle)
  • You will be presented with available voice bundle offers
  • From the list, choose your preferred offer by number
  • Once selected, your account will be topped up with your voice bundle
  • DONE: To check your active voice bundle balance, dial *131#

All in all, you can easily borrow MTN Airtime by meeting the telco’s minimum standards that are often maxed at having an active account for the past 3 months. Nevertheless, you need to keep note of the telco’s *146# Shortcode as the available route to easily borrow MTN Data or airtime.

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