How to use ChatGPT on a smartphone

    You can use ChatGPT on a smartphone the same way you would on a computer. As a key requirement, you need to access the genuine ChatGPT interface, and not an application developed using the GPT-3 API in order to receive reliably accurate feedback on every prompt.

    Well, you can use ChatGPT on a smartphone, but you cannot use it as a mobile application since OPEN AI has not thought of publishing an official variant on the Google Play or Apple store.

    When you search any of the available mobile application stores, you will receive results on GPT 3 powered AI Chatbots, but not an official ChatGPT App. This means, you can only use ChatGPT on your Smartphone through a mobile web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari.

    However, since GPT-4 is the new language model powering up ChatGPT Plus and Bing AI Chat, you can use the new Bing on your smartphone to access both ChatGPT and Bing AI Chat in one go.

    Both AI Chatbots have several differences, but key of which is the ability to use any of the tools on your mobile device. With the ability to use ChatGPT on your smartphone as the key requirement, the best way to access it, is through a web browser as listed in this article.

    The best way to use ChatGPT on a Smartphone

    1. Open a web browser such as Google Chrome or Bing Search.
    2. Enter in the URL field.
    3. Log in to your ChatGPT account using your Email or Google account.
    4. Start using ChatGPT. Enter your prompts in the chat field and press enter to receive ChatGPT generated results.
    5. DONE: Enjoy using ChatGPT on your Smartphone

    All in all, ChatGPT is an excellent artificial intelligence tool you need to use, it can help you write essays, write code, and generate poems for you to learn something new. However, you can only use it through a web browser, the advantage is most browsers are free and readily available to use.

    Hence, you can use ChatGPT on a smartphone the same way you would have full access to it using a desktop web browser, only if you access it in a mobile web browser available on your device.


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