What You need to know about the 2019 Huawei ICT Skill Competitions

The Huawei Uganda Headquaters in Kamwokya, Kampala Uganda

Huawei has yet again re-introduced its annual ICT Competitions to Africa. Luckily, the competition doesn’t limit in gender and skill set of the competitors but instead, limited to qualified Huawei ICT Academy centers like Makerere University where the company based to launch the competition today.

Similar to Cisco’s Netriders competition where our a member of our team is one of the notable wall of fame top talents under the CCENT category, Huawei’s approach is based on a full innovation and simulations model.

It is due to the fact that Huawei runs a certification path majorly affiliated to networks careers, that it brings to book successful innovators and top talents for a regional shakedown before a grand-global narration. With less of the icing, here are 2 things you need to know Huawei’s annual ICT competitions.

Students Registering for the 2019 Huawei ICT Skill Competition at Makerere University in Kampala

It is Based on Huawei’s Certification scheme and runs on 4 Units

Huawei’s Certification scheme is majorly a networking package that further blends to play Data and cloud computing. Hence the ICT competition is majorly run on Huawei’s certification path strides.

Cloud Computing, Networks, Artificial intelligence, and big data are the 4 Units on which Huawei’s 2nd ICT competition round will fully run with key focus to nurturing ICT talent from major Universities in Uganda and selected academies in Sub Saharan Africa through the same scheme.

The Competition is Open to Over 6000 Students in Uganda

In a presser shared by Hauwei Uganda, Over 6,000 students will benefit from its 2nd Competitions round selected from various Universities in the country. As a norm, the selected Universities must have a Huawei Academy affiliation to their ICT departments.

Among the already registered Universities, Makerere Univerity leads the pike as Kyambogo, KIU, Ndejje among others share the Uganda Academy route.

Luckily, University Students from other campuses can also join the competition league by enrolling to one of the supported academies without necessarily being members of that campus.

Spoiler Alert: The Overall Prizes are bigger than any other ICT competition scheme

Cisco runs its Netriders competition on a completely transparent forum, but it’s overall prizes only include a top 5 regional winners coverage and a trip to SanFrancisco for the best Podium finisher.

However, Huawei is offering much bigger prizes for both its country-based winners, regional and the grand global finalists. As a fact, finalists from Uganda will meet up with fellow finalists from other participating countries for a regional shakedown in SouthAfrica.

Regional Winners from the South Africa raffle will further progress to a global competition featuring fellow winners from all participating countries for a grand tour in China and a final competition with bigger prizes up for grabs including an opportunity to work with Huawei on its hyped 5G projects.

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