5 things you need to know about Huawei’s Operations in Uganda

Huawei Uganda has for the past 10 years been an active and fully registered company in Uganda. While mobile subscribers know the company for being a clear point Smartphone manufacturer. The company does more than just developing cutting edge Smartphones.

Among the Key Huawei operations in almost all countries it exists include IT support and telecommunication equipment supplies. But In Uganda, the company recently grew to the tender records for the Installation of CCTV surveillance cameras in major city towns making it the biggest role it locally houses.

While the CCTV Installations have of recent rose above the grid to formulate allegations by Wall Street that has so far been confirmed as Fake news by Huawei. The Company’s operations in Uganda are broad and range from support to innovators, IT management services all the way to provision of Internet services and here is a full taste of what the company executes in Uganda.

IT Equipment providers

Huawei is among the World’s major IT equipment manufacturers, On the list, companies like Cisco, IBM, Juniper boast with both networking and server management equipment. Huawei, in particular, is best known for its cutting edge Networking equipment that is mainly used by telcos all over the world.

In Uganda, Huawei provides network equipment to almost all telecoms like MTN, Airtel among others, though it competes with ZTE in this particular jungle of equipments provision.

However, Huawei has a certification path for professionals relying on its equipment for administration and problem-solving. As a fact, the company recently rolled out a certification academy at Makerere University for students who wish to expand their networking careers.

CCTV Surveillance Providers, But not managers

In Uganda, Huawei is the only legalized CCTV camera provider for all major towns and roads in the country. The CCTV Camera project was kickstarted by H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as a move to cut the fast-rising rate of crime in the country.

In less than 2 years since the CCTV project commencement, the results of these cameras have been appreciated by the general public, though the Traffic police department has benefited more than any other Institution on the project.

In Kampala alone, Huawei has installed thousands of Cameras on major roads and round-abouts to help the Uganda Police that manages these cameras to fully execute its duties with the Chinese brand only acting as the on-ground Installation masters.

Huawei neither controls these cameras nor gets to know what happens in the Uganda Police control rooms during any surveillance sessions. A fact that draws back to the Wall Street letter which suggested that Huawei fueled Government to cub opposition leaders through both digital hacks and surveillance attempts.

IT Support providers

Huawei Uganda houses hundred of IT support professionals at its Headquarters in Kamwokya and these provide realtime support to all its equipment clients. Additionally, the company also offers general IT support to private companies of special occasions through its partnerships wing.

Local Innovation Funders / Supporters

The African Startup ecosystem is still registering a shooting high streak because of multiple funders and Innovation hubs that act as breeding grounds for all mind wide open individuals.

Like any other global funders, Huawei Uganda funds innovators in Uganda to create new solutions and solve real-world solutions. Recently. the company announced the top innovation package winners and China trip runner ups at Makerere University through its Innovation suite.

Through the annual seeds for futurecompetition, Huawei Uganda selects top developers to support them with professional training and exposure to real-life solutions in a fast pace environment.

It’s through these trainings and competitions that the company has often been ranked as one of the best Innovation support wings in Uganda.

Internet/ Network Service providers

Unlike Mobile broadband Internet that is provided by major telecoms in Uganda like MTN Uganda that recently rolled out a double data spree and Airtel Uganda crazing Fridays with bulk data on a competitive path with Africell. Huawei instead poses as a fiber only Internet provider available to private firms or individuals.

Just like any other fiber internet provider in Uganda like Google Squared, iWay Africa, Roke Telkom among others. Huawei’s Internet packages are tamed for private institutions and individuals with bulk offers on a per KB basis.

All in All, Huawei Uganda is a major IT player in the country and its status has not crossed lines with any authorities on a blacklist plake. Henceforth, as the company recently issued a legal letter to Wall Street, It’s progress and operations are untouched in Uganda and it continues to operate legally with its US status currently in standby mode.

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