Infinix Hot 12 smartphones launched in Uganda with a buy on loan option for all customers

 Over the weekend, Infinix mobile announced the launch of its all-new smartphone series, the Infinix HOT 12  that integrates long endurance and fun. Succeeding the Infinix Hot 11, HOT 12 equips a Helio G85 processor, a 6.82″ 90Hz Pro-Level gaming screen as some of its key feature upgrades.

It also ships a 5000mAh battery standard, an 18W type -C fast charging port, and a trendy straight-edge design. Speaking at the launch, Eric Zheng, the Infinix Product Manager shared what the brand aimed to achieve with the new Hot 12 line up.

“We are continuously committed to designing intelligent smartphones with excellent performance and trendy aesthetics for young consumers, and we will constantly bring the latest, best and most cost-effective products to users. The Infinix HOT 12 has achieved a breakthrough in improved performance, ultra-long endurance and trendy aesthetics, which allows young people around the world to express themselves through their smartphones. ”

Below are some of the key features showcased at the launch:

A Blazing-Fast Chipset

Thanks to the blazing fast MediaTek G85 gaming chipset, The Infinix HOT 12comfortably handles higher frame rates to run demanding games resulting in shorter response times and faster communication connections. These headline features combined make for a fantastic gaming smartphone enabling HOT 12 to run the top games in sublime quality for an immersive gaming experience.

Power All Day Long

The Infinix HOT 12  uses a massive 5000mAh battery, fast-charging and ultra power mode to ensure consistent performance alongside rapid juice ups for all day long battery life. Equipped with a 5000mAh “Big Mac” high-density and large-capacity battery, which can support the power consumption of demanding apps, games and general use, users can enjoy power all day long. Additionally, it also supports Type-C interface 18W supercharge with a 50% power up time of just 50 minutes allowing users to focus more on their games and less on their battery levels.

To further improve battery quality, The Infinix HOT 12 is equipped with Infinix self-developed battery lasting technology, which improves the longevity by approximately 25% in a single click. With just 5% power remaining, an additional 2.6 hours of usage can be unlocked using Ultra Power Mode.

Packed With Memory

Coming stacked in three versions (128GB+6GB, 128GB+4GB & 64GB+4GB) of memory & RAM, the HOT 12 allows users to run multiple demanding applications with ease and operate them smoothly with the ability to switch between apps without lag and the storage to keep everything in one place. Gamers can enjoy fluid frame rates and blazing speed when playing the latest games giving them a considerable advantage over players with older devices. 

Infinix’s self-developed RAM fusion technology allows HOT 12  phones to support 7GB of extended RAM  increasing the number of background cached applications by three to nine and improving the average launch time of TOP20 applications by 10%-50%. The extra RAM gives users power when they need it for a sublime smartphone experience in a wide variety of usage scenarios.

Trendy Eye-catching Design

The Infinix HOT 12 features a superbly trendy flat-edge flagship smartphone design language for an eye-catching look. The straight-edge design gives the device a visibly thinner effect of a 3mm textured look with cleaner lines.

The angular exterior is paired with a rich reflection of flowing light and shadow representing a strong & bold image. The devices come with rich & vibrant color options including Racing Black,Legend White,Origin Blue,Special Edition giving young consumers a color option for every occasion.

The HOT 12 features a full 6.82″  90Hz Pro-Level esports screen for a silky-smooth display. It also provides almost instant visual feedback on touch input with a 90Hz touch sampling rate giving the HOT 12  a snappy response rate which is absolutely ideal for smartphone gaming and demanding applications.

Rich Immersive Sound

HOT 12 comes fully upgraded with both dual upper and lower speakers for a truly immersive audio experience with deep lows, clear mids and rich crisp highs. Users can enjoy a top-quality audio experience when listing to music, consuming online media and playing fast-paced games where footsteps can be heard giving gamers an advantage when another player is on the hunt.

The Infinix HOT 12  also delivers a fantastic photographic experience for users with a clean user interface. Fully equipped with an 8MP AI front camera, 13MP+2MP +AI triple rear camera, and a powerful image algorithm, HOT 12 provides an AI portrait that enhances the focus of every snapshot in the best way possible.

The XOS 10 operating system redefines style with a brand-new design and artistic chromatic aberration through Smart Scene and integrates some applications designed for a smarter life. Its built-in XArena enhances your gaming experience by integrating game applications on smartphones into a single area and enabling game boosters to boost performance.

There is also a quick setting that mutes messages and calls during a gaming session so users can focus on the task at hand. Combined with the underlying game optimization algorithm through Dar-Link, it brings users an immersive gaming entertainment experience unrivaled by smartphones at its attainable price point.


The great news is that customers can now acquire this spectacular device via KIBANJA MPOLA with Take Now.

TakeNow is a company that works with the manufacturers of Infinix to provide these phones on credit to all their customers in the country.

What is the process for one to get a phone on loan?

All that a customer needs is to move to a partnering shop like Banana and choose a phone that they would like for example the Hot 12.

With them they should move with a valid national id, a sim card that has been active for at least 6 months and a deposit of 30% for that particular phone.

What is the payment process?

A customer has to download and install the TakeNow application on the phone that they have purchased on loan

They must always have data on that phone to finalize with the payment process

After inputting the payment order in the application the phone, they need to have enough money on their mobile money either MTN or airtel and put the pin since they will get a message to approve the payment from their mobile money account.

Repayment Period

The payment time for the phones is 6 months

Infinix Hot 12 Pricing

Infinix HOT 12  is available from UGX 690,000/= for the 128GB+4GB variant.

EDITOR’s NOTE: Part of this story is from an official press release shared to the Tech Point Magazine team.

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