Itel P33 rumored to be unveiled in Uganda, here is what to expect

A Preview of the Upcoming Itel P33 smartphone that will take over from the P32 strides!

Itel P33 is rumored to be the newest member of the P series family with expectations to launch in Uganda on April 8th. While the P32 was a wonderful full-throttle performance smartphone with a big battery. We expect the P33 to pack excellent features to its 5.5 Inch sized screen amidst a lane of AI features accompanied by a new Face unlock system.

Although the Itel P33 launch dates are debatable with the 1st week of April having more bulls to cruise the budget-friendly entrant to Uganda. As a matter of fact, the P33 is a superior version of the P32 which featured a fingerprint sensor to its back powered by a 4000mAh battery and a quad-core processor.

So as a teaser leaked by Itel mobile prophesizes the P33 to feature a fingerprint sensor and a much bigger battery. It’s no doubt that the latest P series member is one to reckon with. The phone battery is expected to last at least 80 hours with maximum usage relying on a superior 4000mAh battery ranting a new name as the “Power master”.

A big battery Power master

Unlike previous Itel P series releases, the P33 is rolling out as a mid-range device with a much affordable tone to the price tag. In fact, the P33 predecessor dressed in a lower numeric model was launched mid last year (July) proving the fact that this could be the best P series release with a mid-range touch to quality since it’ll be an early April release.

Among the devices that so far cruise in the mid-range lane Infinix’s Hot 7 and the TECNO Camon 11 are some of those that will face competition from a budget-friendly release on the same market with an Itel mobile scent.

In a teaser shared by Itel mobile, the P33 won’t pack full mid range capabilities but instead a budget-friendly version in the high features scope. In a like manner, this could be Itel’s flagship smartphone before indicators of an S series release since its their first device with face unlock packed to the system. Nonetheless, here are the rumored specifications of the Itel P33.

ITEL P33 Rumored Quick Specifications

Operating System: Android 8.1 Go Edition

Battery: 4000 mAh (80 hours usage)

Storage: 16GB Internal expandable to 32GB

Display: 5.5″ HD+ IPS Full Screen

Extra Features: Face Unlock, Fingerprint Sensor

Given the fact that the top-notch evolution is now shuttered with foldable phones like the Galaxy fold and Mate X plus Xiaomi’s double fold peeping from a sharp angle. We expect the P33 to feature that perfect feel of owning a notch display device even when the display mode has no rails on the teased specs sheet.

Nonetheless, as the expected UGX 250,000 priced smartphone is yet to be launched in Uganda. We can’t wait to witness the green lights of Itel’s fingerprint sensor + face unlock flagship phone with a battery expected to last up to 2 days with a single charge

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