How to load Airtel Freaky Friday: A cheat code to more Data (MBs)

The Airtel Freaky Friday subscription USSD Code *149*10#

Airtel Freaky Friday is a weekly data offer curated by the red camp as a spicer to its subscribers. The promotion was introduced as a reply to MTN’s Gaga Wednesday offer that was encroached on by Africell’s Don’t be cheated as another big mid-week offer.

With trembles for stiff competition, Airtel made its offer a Friday affiliated data package leaving MTN and Africell to battle up for the Wednesday podium.

Well, Incase you prefer loading Airtel’s Freaky Friday offer that usually consists of both Voice (minutes) and Data offers at a mind-blowing price. Then, It about time you geared up your USSD dial pad for the offer with our well-curated guide

Loading Your Airtel Freaky Friday Offer (Minutes + Data)

  • Dial *149*10# and Choose your favorite offer (24hrs or 3-days)
  • OR: Dial *149#
  • Then Select Option 10
  • Choose Your Offer
  • Then Pay with Airtime or Airtel Money
airtel freaky friday offer
The Airtel Freaky Friday Offer as of today 27-09-2019 with 5GB + 100Mins at 5,000/= and 1.5Gb + 30mins at 2500/=

Spoiler Alert: The New Airtel Freaky Friday Deal

As of Today (27-09-2019), Airtel has sparked off an improved feature for its Freaky Friday Offer. Every Subscriber/Customer can now activate a Freaky Friday offer for more than once on the same day.

This means you can buy as more data + minutes as you wish. For instance, with 4GB Data + 100Mins valid for 3days at 5,000/= currently on the line, it means you get 8GB + 200Mins when you purchase the bundle twice before midnight.

However, the unfortunate flip of the offer is that its lifespan sits in with the same span as the original offer. So, When you buy the bundle twice or thrice, the duration doesn’t change, Like for a 3day offer, it means your data + minutes seaze to exist by Monday.

Hence, it’s better to make multiple purchases if you have bulk downloads you wish to take-on during the weekend or even watch your favorite Netflix movies.