How to activate MTN Uganda No-Expiry Freedom Voice Bundles

    You can now activate MTN Uganda no-expiry freedom voice bundles and enjoy freedom on who, when, or how you can make phone calls across the country. Having launched no-expiry data bundles a few years ago, the ability to activate MTN Uganda no-expiry freedom voice bundles on your phone is a plus for users that don’t over-call friends and family.

    Based on the new voice bundles, you can load voice minutes that stay active for a full year. Priced from UGX 30,000, once you activate a bundle, it will last as long as you want it to. By this, you are not limited to when you can use all the minutes before they expire.

    To activate MTN Uganda no-expiry freedom voice bundles, you can either dial *100*21# or use the main *160# shortcode to load a bundle on feature phones like the MTN Kamunye or through your phone’s dial pad.

    The best-recommended method for loading the freedom voice bundles is through the My MTN App that’s available on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store. So, whichever method you chose with the shortcode being faster, you can activate any of the following bundles.

    MinutesPrice (UGX)
    MTN Uganda No-Expiry Freedom Voice Bundles

    Activate MTN Uganda no-expiry Freedom Voice Bundles

    1. Dial *100*21#, or *160*2#.
    2. Select option 3 (Freedom Voice).
    3. On the Welcome to Freedom voice menu, select option 1 (Buy for self) to activate the bundle on your mobile number.
    4. Select your preferred MTN Uganda freedom Voice bundle from the list. For example, option 1 for 5,000 minutes at 75,000/=.
    5. Choose your payment method, Airtime or MTN Mobile Money.
    6. DONE: You will receive a confirmation message once your payment is complete.

    In conclusion, it’s important to activate voice bundles that never expire because you have a guaranteed value for your money. In any way, if you bought airtime instead of sending mobile money, you can use the balance to buy freedom voice bundles you can use to call friends and family for a full year depending on your frequency.


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