Meet Momo Pay the free Mtn service that allows you to pay bills with no charges

Momo pay is a new service by Mtn Uganda offering free bill payments. The service was introduced in 2017 and a few people knew about it. Just like Airtel went into partnership with Shell Uganda to reward loyal refuelers. Mtn Uganda on the other hand decided to introduce this new service called MOMO Pay.

According to reliable sources. Momo pay allows you to pay bills conveniently without paying any charges. While you can buy Yaka units and get exactly what you have paid for without any costs attached. Meaning when you purchase units worthy 20,000/= it’s all you pay without any charges added on your paid amount. Whereas no other company offers this fantastic service, Mtn is running a monopolistic kind of game in the industry.

However just like competitior smile communications introduced a new snack bundle to excite it’s customers. Mtn is also introducing new services every now and then for better customer experiences. Furthermore The new baby on the block Tangerine has not done any serious offers yet. However much growing companies like Smart Telecom introduce new offers each time. The current market still yearns for change and more availability of new services.

Finally as the public awaits to see service improvements from the top service providers including Airtel,Africell and Mtn itself. Momo pay is a still new but promisingly future service. What’s do you think about this new service from Mtn?

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