MTN Uganda blocks several VPNs inline to UCC’s directive, here are the alternatives

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in 2018 have registered huge downloads from Uganda alone and if its a battle for an annual award, Uganda takes it with no runners-up. But then, MTN Uganda which is the leading telecommunications company in the country blocked all popular VPNs many subscribers relied on. However, as Elon Musk keeps indulging in Space X teasers, various options are still out there and here are some of those you can consider.

As a matter of fact, you can barely find a VPN that will work for you if you’re on MTN. Similar to any other telecom network, you can first choose to shift to a new provider or look up for that super reliable VPN service.

Amazingly Uganda has various custom made VPNs that cant be blocked since they actually base here. Imagine not paying a single shilling for a local VPN service, that’s how it feels to access social media platforms with no worries. But first these alternatives as some of those we could find suitable.

Download a custom local VPN

The word custom VPN may sound familiar or tempting to battle with. However, a custom VPN is just one of those private servers you can rely on for full access. For instance, Ugandan VPNs cant be blocked and thumbs up to that. Here are some of those local VPNs you can look up for on the internet or Google play store.

With the Above list of VPN services. You can easily access multiple websites without revealing your identity and of course access different social media websites for free.

Shift to a new Internet Service provider

Internet service providers are key middle hosts that connect you to the internet directly. Among the most popular providers, MTN & Airtel have the highest number of registered subscribers. However, If you try loading a VPN service and it fails, shift to a different provider and the results will be great. Imagine if you tried out Africell’s super fast 4G internet or Airtel’s version of the same, the results could be different.

Pay the levied OTT tax

Given the above options usually framed as the plan B. Paying your OTT tax could save you all the stress involved in hijacking multiple sources. Remember, Tax invasion is also one of those factors that could guarantee you enough time in Jail. Henceforth, At Tech Point Magazine we encourage you to hook up your favorite daily/weekly or monthly package for uninterrupted access.

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October 4, 2018 16:02

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