Spark TV could soon close down after a UCC ban on Miles Rwamiti and his Koona Friday Tv Show

L-R Hon Kato Lubwama, UCC ED Mr Godfrey Mutabazi and Miles Rwamiti all in a mix up that may lead to the closure of Spark TV
Next media, the company housing NBS, Next Radio and a string of reckoning solutions recently recruited one of the best Entertainment presenters from Spark TV leaving the latter in search for a better strategic position. But this seems shuttered after their highest ranking program (Koona) now faces a suspension from UCC over violence allegations. Unlike the story with aged local stations in Uganda, Spark TV’s current situation could give it a free ride back to the roots. Through a show aired on Friday 21st December featuring a member of the August house Hon. Kato Lubwama, an argument turned into a brawl that was spread on social media in this OTT tax season.    
Spark Tv could lose its license if it fails to abide by UCC’s rule to suspend the Koona with Miles Rwamiti show PHOTO: BIGEYE.UG
Well, UCC recently published a warning notice to Spark TV to suspend the show and further sack both the producer plus the main presenter who happens to be Miles Rwamiti. However, this would see the NTV affiliated stations rankings drop like they have never been before. On the other hand, this might provoke a bearish streak for the Nation media station and a bullish run for Next media’s Sanyuka TV which chants with the same audience as Spark TV
“On Dec 21st, Spark TV aired a program “Koona, where we noticed total breach of the minimum broadcasting standards, breach of it’s license terms and conditions and the law. The program “Koona” producer and presenter have henceforth been suspended immediately” —Ugands Communications Commission (UCC)
Depending on the Television stations sphere in Uganda that was previously impacted by an analog to digital revolution, the sanctions imposed on local stations like Spark ignites a support average by a rival alternate station. However, with UCC’s current warning involving a Honorable member of Parliament (Hon Kato Lubwama) could provoke the worst times for the Ugandan Friday audience. Nonetheless, We shall testify whether the UCC warning was raised or ignored by tuning in to the Koona Ne Miles show later tonight.
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