The 7day Period By UCC Is Almost Up Register Your Simcard Today To Avoid Disconnection

Bugolobi based Uganda communications commission (UCC) announced a 7 day ultimatum Last week where all Ugandans were required to fully register their simcards with National Id’s in-order to avoid disconnection even when UCC had earlier that all pre-registered simcards should be switched off and later shifted to national id usage per simcard across any network a customer may wish to use whether Airtel Uganda,Mtn Uganda,Smart Telecom,Africell,Smile.
According to UCC every customer is subjected to only 1 sim card per network meaning a sinlg e customer shall not have the right to posses more that 1 sim card on the same network,this rule has seen alot of criticism from the Uganda law society who intend to sue UCC to change these tough terms and low grace period given to Ugandans in-order to validate their sim cards with national ID’s

According to reliable sources within the Uganda police force and UCC state that this simcard validation issue has all been brought about due to the brutal assassination of a senior police officer and assistant inspector general of police (AIGP) The late Andrew Felix Kaweesi who was assassinated while leaving his home in Kulambilo a Kampala suburb,Reports say he received death threats from unregistered sim cards and now the police has beefed up security in and around the country to prevent any future cases of insecurity in Uganda.

Dial *197# across all networks to register

You can now register your sim card easily by simply dialing *197# and entering you National Id number (NIN) together with surname and last name of the national id in-order to verify your sim card today.
In addition you can register your sim card online today on various Portals which include Airtel Uganda,Smart Telecom,Mtn Uganda which have opened up websites to simplify the whole process easily by entering the required details and number per network.
We are excited that this initiative by UCC is yet to reduce cases of Con men and fraud actions withing Uganda but not everyone is happy with this rule out,Share with us you thoughts in the comment section below.

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