The Best Bluetooth Alternative,Forget The Slow & Lagging File Sharing,Transfer files at Flash Speed With Xender

Xender the better than best app for your file sharing needs is here to save you from the budden of having to download an app that your friend already has on their phone! All you have to do is to send him/her and invite and you good to go,Install the app and be able to share that app with just a tap and with super fast speeds.This is the best replacement for your ordinary bluetooth file share evidenced with slow file transfer and failing connections between devices

Download Xender from Play Store or Apple Store,Install it and On opening it pass through the simple app guide that shows you how to navigate through the app.
After Installing Xender Tap on the Send or Receive button depending on your planned action.Once you tap on send Xender will initiate a connection by turning on your portable hotspot and ask you to connect with your peer! On the Other Phone tap Receive and locate your device name that initiated the connection.After Connecting the two devices you can now select the files you wish to transfer whether an app,image,file or video easily to your peer.After Selecting the file you wish to transfer press Send and you good to go,The receiver will receive the intended file in just a few seconds depending on the file size.


  • 200times bluetooth transfer speed
  • Transfer files with Flash Speed
  • Share all kind of files with no restriction
  • Free of network connection
  • Supports Android/IOS/Windows pc/Mac
  • Wifi file transfer master
  • Play all music and videos
  • Absolutely without mobile data usage
  • No need for Usb Connection and Pc Installation
  • File manager
  • Friendly Design

 Bluetooth is the usual ordinary most popular file transfer mechanism between phones and has over the years changed between versions and of late bluetooth V3.0. WHILE
Xender is a file transfer app that transfers files with flash speed and so easy in just a few seconds.Its preferably the best file transfer app you can have alongside others like share-it.

Xender is that Quick and fastest File transfer,sharing app you will opt to install on your phone or Computer.So Get It From Google Play store or Apple store Today and enjoy

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