Uber boda takes on Safeboda as it equips drivers with fresh new techniques

Safeboda is an orginal Ugandan innovation even with American officials taking the company’s top seats. On the  otherhand, Uber is a purely American based ride hailing innovation. But from the time Uber jumped to Uganda, the modern transport sector not only got that huge blow. But also SafeBoda became known like never before.

A few weeks back, Uber launched a Boda hailing option which took the country by storm hitting on the already existing providers. Taxify Boda leading the race to take down Safeboda.

“Yita Uber” Uber Boda drivers are equipped with much effective skills and great pay outs Putting Safeboda in a panick to improve

Uber’s reply to the competition finally landed in a no notification zone. Since Mondo Boda has always been on the rise as taxify Boda teases the bigger piece of competing favorably. Uber boda is that one piece that is shaking Safeboda down.

Interacting with a few drivers here and there. We landed on a former safeboda driver who was expelled for appearing near The square based Uber offices. Keeping the cool, Safeboda is scared of the competition imposed on it by the ever rising Boda hailing services present in Uganda.

So its more like a dream come true for Uber’s perpentual operations to dominate the ride hailing industry in Uganda. Keeping in the line, What do you think of the current transport industry with Taxify, Uber, Mondo and Safeboda on the line. Leave us a comment below.

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