WhatsApp reportedly working on Multi-Device support and an array of new features

WhatsApp is reportedly working on multi-device support to make the Instant messaging service a not just mobile-only platform, but a cross-platform application that can be used on desktop, mobile, and tablets. Over the years, WhatsApp Web has ruled as the best option a user can access the Instant Messaging platform on a computer at a cost of having an active Internet connection with your Smartphone.

In an interview with Tech Radar, WhatsApp executives confirmed the emergence of an array of new features headlined by multi-device support to help you access the platform without necessarily having to own a Smartphone.

Well, you can credit emulators like Bluestacks that have always made it possible to use WhatsApp directly on a PC, and of recent WIndows 11 support for direct Android applications. But with the new multi-device WhatsApp functionality, you will not require any extra installation files on your computer or Tablet, but instead, a single complete package as a WhatsApp spokesperson inked.

WhatsApp Web remains an important platform for our users. Until now, WhatsApp has only been available on one device at a time. Desktop and Web support only worked by mirroring off your phone – which meant your phone had to be on and have an active internet connection.

Even though WhatsApp has not confirmed a release date for the feature, the company notes that multi-device support will help millions of users from going through the difficulty of using WhatsApp on other devices.

Multi-device means that users will have the same functionality that is available on the current public versions of WhatsApp Web, Desktop, and Portal, just without the need to have your phone connected. Our multi-device capability immediately makes the experience better for people who use Desktop/Web and Portal. And it also will make it possible to add support for more kinds of devices over time.

According to the WhatsApp spokesperson, the COVID19 pandemic can be attributed to the birth of such features since many businesses are now opting for desktop calling and messaging on platforms like Zoom. Placing WhatsApp as a center of instant conversations would make it easier for businesses and users to communicate without boundaries.

We are always working to make private conversations on WhatsApp feel as close to in-person as possible, regardless of where you are in the world or the tech you’re using. With so many people still apart from their loved ones, adjusting to new ways of working and trying to keep their businesses running, we’ve focused on how we can provide more support in these area.

Aside from multi-device support, WhatsApp is also working on an array of features aimed at increasing user security and making the platform a must-have for every device holder around the world. For now, a timeline has not been set on when new features will leave the launchpad, but as per the new leaks, WhatsApp will get better by the end of 2021.

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