Facebook Launches The Oculus Go

Today Oculus Go was announced, the most accessible virtual reality experience ever built by Facebook.

Oculus Go is a standalone headset that doesn’t require you to snap in a phone or attach a cable. It’s great for playing games, watching movies, or hanging out with friends. And the price is only $199 and ships e

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FB IMG 1507753434731

See, arly next year worldwide.

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also showed the new Santa Cruz prototype and narrated “We’re the first company to deliver the complete experience of inside-out tracking on standalone headset and fully tracked controllers. We’ll have Santa Cruz in the hands of developers next year”, a statement which proved that developers shall interface upcoming Santa Cruz.

Oculus Go and Santa Cruz will help more people experience virtual reality, and shall not need to have very high end mobile devices since VR in the first launch was directed to the Samsung Galaxy series, but rather endless reality coming your way with the oculus

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