Tech Point Magazine is a consumer and Enterprise technology blog based in Uganda with daily archives of Technology news,startup digests, device reviews and service usage guides.

Our Goal is to publish high quality, relevant and time specific content that not only helps consumer make better decisions, but also keep in the know with the latest news on emerging technologies.

Our Mission is to become one of the leading and reliable consumer technology websites in East Africa and Africa in General.


Tech Point Magazine was founded in January 2018 as an upgrade and rebranded version of The blog initially started in February 2017 as utilising the free website modules of Google’s Blogspot wing.

Rebranding meant starting from Zero, the blog founder Humphrey Mpairwe moved to TechJaja-One of Uganda’s leading Technology websites. This not only created a vacuum for Tech Point Magazine, but also created a need for active authors to write and publish content for the brand.

Due to the lack of passion-driven writers, Tech Point Magazine continued to run as a one-man blog with basic traffic due to divided time shared with the blog. Later in May 2019, Humphrey became a fulltime writer with the brand after a year of experience with one of the top tech blogs in Uganda.

Since then, Tech Point Magazine continues to grow as a broad consumer Technology website with major focus on generating relevant service usage guides to influence user decisions on tech products and services.

Tech Point Magazine is currently a subsidiary brand of Onlus Technologies Limited.