2018 in review, What giant smartphone companies might launch this year to rock the Ugandan market

2018 is a year of possibilities as many claim from the Entertainment industry as you can follow latest stories from our sister site. However to the world of smartphone releases and brand updates, many giant brands are expected to be unveiled this year. Just like Apple released two versions of the Apple iPhone last year unlike the 1 release everyone w+as used to. Well here are some of the smartphone companies we expect to unveil new brands this year.

Samsung Mobile

The world’s most popular smartphone and the best selling Android brand makes secret releases just like the Galaxy S9 last year. Well should we expect an S10 this year?.  Definitely yes since the company is fond of upgrading it’s device names by numbers. While it releases the S series smartphones together with the Note series. The galaxy J series have had an awesome sales scale on the market. On the other hand Samsung needs to produce another range of affordable smartphone series.

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However having released the Note 7 last year, we expect to see the Galaxy Note 9 come out this 2018. Just like the way Apple released the iPhone X we believe Samsung is eager to produce a new device that will compete with the monster apple smartphone.

Infinix Mobile

Infinix Mobile is a Chinese based company affiliated to its sister companies Techno and Itel all under Transsion limited. Well Infinix Mobile is by no doubt one of those best low cost brands that you can afford to buy. If you that one person who wants an iPhone life at a cheaper budget, then Infinix is your perfect brand. Just like the company released its latest device which is the Infinix Zero 5 that’s was premiered in Dubai later last year. You can amazingly do slot of things on just your simple smartphone that is gifted with 6gb of Ram. But then back to the point, what does Infinix have in store for 2018?

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While many users worldwide expect to have a whole new Infinix experience. Infinix Mobile seems to be cooking up something big for 2018. Definitely we should wait to see another version of the monster Zero series or even the Infinix Zero 6. However we shall not do a predict game but instead leave it up to you to vote in our footer section.


Giant monster smartphone producer best know for production of the i series devices had a successful 2017. While the iPhone X still rocks the market, we expect Apple to come out and launch yet a better device to out compete the two 2017 releases including the iPhone 8. Just like the iPhone 4 had a great time on the market whereby its price is still static till date. Apple’s iPhone X is a here to stay device which right now goes for a whooping $1000.

Ipads, Apple Tvs together with iPhones are launched every year on the apple live event. Well should we expect an iPhone 9 or an iPhone XI since Apple is now naming its device using roman numerals. However top competitor Samsung is not off market yet, since its releasing its Galaxy S9 anytime soon.

Tecno Mobile

Tecno Mobile is a sister brand to Infinix mobile though the latter produces better high feature smartphones compared to its own releases. As Tecno launched its Phantom 8 last year, Will it by any chance launch a new Phantom 9 maybe. Just incase we dont see any new Phantom release, it would clearly mean that Tecno is launching a new range of Smartphones just like it did on its L series. Nevertheless in 2017 the company launched the Tecno L9+ so we should expect a release like the L10+ you never know.

While the Tecno spark ruled 2017 in terms of returns to the brand. Tecno mobile should be cooking up new device ideas to further dominate the market. However Itel on the other hand releases its devices after Tecno’s release meaning if Tecno mobile releases a smartphone with a unique feature, you should expect to witness a similar release by Itel.


Huawei mobile was once a market leader and very key competitor to Samsung but seems to be loosing out. The last time Huawei mobile clearly introduced a new rocky smartphone was when the Huawei P8 achieved its sales target way back in 2015. However this 2018 we suspect that Huawei may release the Huawei P11 just like it launched the P10 in 2017. Furthermore we believe Huawei is capable of making a super come back this year to compete favorably with the market leaders.

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