How to activate Voice Mail for calls on Airtel and MTN

Voice Mail services are not popular in Uganda, but that’s for the majority that have not tasted what a Voice mail service has to offer. While it is optional to ride with a Voicemail activation bar on your phone. Having a default Voice mail recording would help you retrieve messages from people who called during the unreachable peak hour of your Phone number.

As a fact, a missed call is always a message delivered when you have a Voicemail activated for your number. If you own an Airtel or MTN Number, then a custom voice mail recording could help your callers get rid of the annoying telco call assistants.

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Whats a Voice Mail anyway?

Think of a way you could deliver a message to someone whose phone is off or unreachable at the moment. Only two options become present to the grid, send an SMS message or try calling later. This is where the Voice Mail service steps in as an alternative that allows you to instantly deliver a voice message before hanging up.

Just like a Whatsapp Voice Message, a Voice Mail recording from the recipient’s phone is played and in return, you deliver your message after a single tone__a beep in most cases. However, standard call rates apply whenever this service is used meaning each time a Voice Mail recording plays, that’s another Pakalast minute or a One rate Shilling off your account.

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Activating the Voice Mail service on MTN and Airtel


  • Dial 123
  • Listen to the Voice Prompts and press 1 to activate service
  • Choose Option 2 to set a custom greeting for your callers
  • To listen to new messages, always dial 123 and choose option 1


  • SMS “ON” to 121
  • Dial 121 to listen to received/saved messages once activated

Turning off the Voice Mail Service


  • Dial 123
  • Listen to the voice prompts and press 3 (Account settings) to turn off the Voicemail service


  • SMS “OFF” to 121

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