Airtel Uganda In Conjuction With Barclays Bank Are Giving You Free 125Mbz Valid For 2Months

Airtel Uganda and Barclay’s bank are giving back to their customers free mbz for simply joining the Barclay’s bank’s ready to work campaign!
What’s is Read to work?

Ready to work is an initiative by Barclay’s bank in conjunction with brighter Monday to equip youths and students with the required knowledge to face the job market,
Read to work was started in mid 2016 and saw Barclay’s bank visiting institutions such as universities to create awareness and register students for this great campaign.

Ready to work is a self paced or instructor passed free course which offers free certificates at the end of the course.This means that a student can study at his or her own convenience or reach out for an instructor to take them through the course material for the best understanding of all concepts.

Once enrolled an individual gets to learn more business skills,entrepreneurial skills,business management skills among other skills needed in the job market and a student is rewarded a certificate after successfully completing all course modules which are divided into 3 meaning you are rewarded 3 certificates.

Airtel Uganda in conjuction with Barclay’s are now giving back 125Mbs to Airtel customers by simply dialing a simple ussd code.
Dial *175*200# and you will successfully get yourself 125Mbz valid for 2months Courtesy of Airtel The Smartphone Network in conjunction with Barclay’s Bank to freely access the ready to work website fully.

Airtel Uganda
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Read to work

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