Amazon and 200 Websites can now directly ship to Africa via DHL’s eShop

In Africa, Amazon and many international shopping websites don’t have any leaks of direct delivery to the continent. This makes the Africa offer-locked from its fertile drothers. However, DHL Africa inked great news over the week with their eShop service as a perfect solution to have your Amazon order delivered to your doorstep.

DHL eShop is a replica of what the name sounds like, its not an actual electronic shop, but simply a perfect center to order from over 200 online shopping websites without directly signing up for an account per service used. Unlike local websites like Jumia that directly ship to major African locations, giants like Amazon don’t and so DHL’s eShop must be an answer to a bunch of prayers.

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Most importantly, Amazon is so far the best supported shopping site as an eBay sting will turn DHL eShop into the greatest option to handle online orders for delivery in Africa. Given the fact that you could previously order products on Amazon and eBay through 3rd party handlers, eShop is another killer alternative with affordable rates to its layout.

The procedure of Shopping on Amazon with DHL eShop

With key focus to Amazon which is the biggest online shopping website supported by DHL’s eShop. Shopping on the Alexxa affiliated website is as easy as a click on the eShop dashboard with the same layout on both desktop and mobile with only a “Calculate charges and Checkout button” floating on the dashboard for quick purchases.

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So, shopping on Amazon using DHL’s eShop is quite easy as compared to the ordinary option where you have to login and choose your own international shipping service with no clue of the final charges. But since DHL calculates all charges once you select a product and complete to checkout, it revokes the hard feel of battling with taxes and final charges during delivery.

All in all, eShop is the revolutionary service we’ve hoped to see from an international shipping service like DHL. Even when, shipping orders from Amazon was previously supported, the fact that you get to know all involved taxes plus charges involved before delivery makes it much easier to shop online.

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