Amazon Vs Ali Express Vs Ebay which is the cheapest online shopping website?

Amazon is the largest online shopping website worldwide. eBay is a counterpart that majorly focuses on those customer to customer connection, the same way OLX operates. Ali express sounds more like an Alibaba counterpart though Alibaba focuses on wholesale services. All these services are good but which is better than the other that’s the main focus to date.

online shopping websites
Online shopping gives you a broad view of all products you need daily

If you were to compare the way OLX operates in all countries it exists, its a seller to buyer connection. In that when you the seller advertises your products for sale and a buyer picks up interest through a quick search. Now that’s eBay.

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Not forgetting that all these services are free to use. But the question still lies, how do they gain profits yet sellers advertise their products free of charge in most cases. That’s a question to the experts. To our main focus, we take you on a journey to compare these 3 online shopping services.

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To our experience, Amazon deals with mainly brand new items. Ebay is purely 2nd hand with a bidding process that can be claimed by anyone with the highest bid. Not forgetting that Ali Express as well, has brand new material with its sellers mainly based in Asia, China having the majority sellers basing there.

ali express online shopping website

When it comes to price, our comparisons took us into comparing a few products with the same manufacturer and quantity. For instance, a 1TB external hard disk goes for around $50-$60 while on eBay through the buy it now options it goes for around $60-$70. Not leaving Ali express out of the equation the same ranges between $60-$100.

Delivery process

Delivery is the last form of online products transaction as usual. It’s useless to order a product that can’t be delivered to your country. For instance, why order for an Item to a country you don’t reside in. In this article, we use Uganda because it’s our base of operations nation. Amazingly all services can deliver to the region. Amazon and eBay have tricky shipping rates but Ali express also has its own way of integrating local couriers as below:

ebay online shopping website

Our choice

All online shopping websites above have affordable offers. Not forgetting that local shopping websites like OLX, Jumia, and Kilimall have exactly the same products or at times miss 1 or 2. Therefore its always good to support local vendors. Even though Amazon and eBay have the best offers, they come in handy and full packaged as ordered from the internet.

To our experience, Amazon has the most affordable rates and prices on all electronic products. Though eBay has the best prices on used items as Ali express simply focuses on new products and shipping via their shipping procedures. The best website to use would depend on what you really want.

amazon online shopping website
Amazon is a worldwide shipping online shopping website with Amazon prime goods are delivered faster

In case you are searching for good electronics like Cameras, computers, accessories. We highly recommend Amazon though eBay has those you have to bid for, implying the highest bidder takes it all. Henceforth, buy your products from the legit https enabled shopping websites and be sure of hackers who can trick you easily.

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