Apple and Samsung finally end 7 year battle over who copied whom

Korean based manufacturers Samsung for the past 7 years has not had peace with Apple on their neck. The battle for who copied whom was filed in by apple in the year 2011 as the company accused Samsung if duplicating several iPhone features for their Galaxy series which include the Swipe to unlock feature, Home dock, pitch to zoom among others.

Courts in the USA including the supreme Court backed Apple on this legal battle against Samsung and today it has been cleared off marking the end of this 7 year long feud.

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Last month, the Korean based side was forced to pay $435million and it’s still unclear what financial sanctions have been agreed upon by the two sides after the previous month bill pressured on Samsung.

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The two companies decided to sort this 7 year feud out of court, But financial details about the end of this battle shall be shared soon.

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