Apple Watch Series 6 launched: Best features, price, and availability

    Apple Watch Series 6 is now official having lifted from the launch pad yesterday during the Time Flies Event hosted by Apple. The new Smart Apple Watch comes in a design similar to that of the Series 5 that was launched last year (2019).

    Headlining a shot of improved features and under the hood Internals, Apple Watch Series 6 brings to play a health sensor as its top best feature. The new health sensor measures oxygen levels by using your blood color to calculate current readings.


    Interestingly, the watch further captures background readings, this means, even if you sleep, you’re able to see your blood oxygen levels calculated throughout the night.

    Top Best Apple Watch Series 6 features

    • New Health Sensor able to measure oxygen saturation
    • New GMT face with multiple time zones
    • A new bunch of Memoji Faces
    • Clasp-less bands
    • Cardio fitness alerts ie: use Vo2 max reading (maximum oxygen consumption during exercise )  to monitor cardio levels and notify you when low
    • Real-time elevation (Track your fitness exercises)
    • New Colors, Same Design as the Series 5
    • Fitness Plus (Subscribe to guided daily Workouts)
    • Family Setup (set different Watches without an iPhone for each)

    Performance-wise, Series 6 comes with a new S6 system based on an A13 Bionic chipset––same chip equipped by the iPhone 11. The processor gives it a 20% boost faster than the S5 system equipped by Apple series 5.

    Apple Watch Series 6 Chipset
    The S6 System setup that houses an A13 Bionic Chipset

    With a new range of available colors, a stretchable band loop made out of silicone, and the ability to set up multiple Apple Watches with the Family Setup option. Series 6 is by features, a complete redefinition of Apple watches since their initial launch in 2015.

    Retailing at $399, Apple Watch Series 6 is currently available for pre-order and availability starts on 18th September 2020. Having launched with an SE version (Lite edition), you can buy one at $279 as it shares the same pre-order and availability window with the Series 6.


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