Apple is working with Lg to get foldable phones to its line as We’re still awaiting the first OLED iPhone to ship with the iPhone X in less than a month, and new rumors are surfacing about a future iPhone with a foldable display.And now apple working with LG definately proves the net Iphone maybe foldble.

According to The Bell, Apple is working with LG and not Samsung to create an iPhone with a foldable OLED panel.

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Apple currently relies on Samsung as its sole supplier of OLED displays used in the upcoming iPhone X, although the company is working on adding LG to the mix in an effort to increase production and lower cost.

As for flexible OLED panels, the report notes that Samsung may introduce its first smartphone to use the technology as soon as next year while Apple doesn’t expect to bring the technology into production through LG until 2020 which may mean a 2021 launch.

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Apple has also been said to be considering Japan Display for the future iPhone technology, although we’re still very early in the development process for such a product.


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