Apple’s iPhone 11 has no support 5G network bands but full LTE support

Apple’s iPhone 11 Smartphone is one of the best 2019 flagships that have sittted in a waiting quarter as rival competitor companies like Samsung and Huawei pave paths for new evolutions and features with cleaner rooms for upgrades.

The room for upgrades and technological tweaks is empty on Apple’s pave bench since no failure rumors have ever shaken its already launched devices on the market, unlike the fate of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. Only for the fact that, Apple’s newly introduced iPhone 11 doesn’t pack the over-hyped 5G standards.

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Well, Apple’s iPhone 11 has been launched and it’s one of those flagships that have been cooked to perfection with no plans by the company to upgrade any niche stop of the smartphone.

The only laggy side of the Smartphone series is Zero-tolerance for 5G network bands, and it is so far cool for the company, but will boil up as an issue of low competence once rival manufacturers step through the 2019 edge.

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However, 4G LTE is fully supported on the device with a sounding tremble to quality network speeds. So, Its not over yet for the iPhone 11 club since they will still have a toast of amazing speeds pumped by already existing 3G/4G Network bands.

To the lows, Its a disappointment to the consumer craze that Apple has not rushed into the 5G sphere__atleast for now, but instead lost the competition path to rival manufacturers like Huawei which is planning to unveil full 5G Support Series later this month.

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