Barry Allen imprisoned at Iron Heights Prison, Will Central city be safe without The flash

Barry Allen whose hidden identity is The Flash as usual is having a terrible time. Just like fans say, The flash has met super villains in all seasons but Devoe seems to be one hell of a super Villain. While mistreating Barry mentally together with Team flash. In addition to rescuing Barry from the speed force through his Samurai created villains, What does Devoe have in plan?

The flash after long battle with villain

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While Season 2 featured Zoom who taught Barry what it is to travel back in time. Will Barry Allen escape from prison and go back in time to stop Devoe from killing himself or even shifting into a new body. Nevertheless he already has an accolade from Central city police which has now fully recognized Flash as a central city hero.

Barry allen Iris
Barry stops Iris from Unveiling his Identity as the flash

Why Barry Was Arrested

Barry Allen was arrested by Central city police for allegedly stabbing Clifford Devoe a crime he surely didnt commit. However due to Devoe‘s wise plans, he was able to shift into Dominic Lance‘s body and starb his own body with a knife. Well this was a wise plan for him though a deadly one to Barry. In addition Devoe went ahead to have tea with Team Flash not knowing he was actually depositing his body in conjunction with his wife. Mrs Devoe who was eagerly waiting in the car kissed his husband with joy and guess what it was time for Barry to go behind bars.

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The flash villain stopped before hell
The Nucear Villain who Barry stopped before going to hell

However Team flash is cooking up new ideas to face all challenges within the city. With the latest being the Nuclear Villain who was going to explode and endanger all people within the city only to be saved by The Flash. Therefore with the dedication and love for his city, Barry Allen was sentenced to Jail in Iron heights prison whereas The flash was recognized as a hero by Central city police director.

cisco vibing the nuclear reaction from villain
cisco vibing the nuclear reaction from villain

Just like Earth 2 Harrison wells is back to help the team. Do we expect to see anohter Wells shipped in from a Parallel earth?. May be yes, since we had HR Wells who had to sacrifice his life for Iris West Allen who was going to be killed by Savitar. The best version of Wells would be one who is more funnier just like HR was.

Our Verdict

In conclusion. Season 4 of The Flash seems more exciting as we await to see more villains on board. Having kicked off with the Samurai Devoe pawns. Central City is clearly going into its terrible days with the absence of The Flash. Finally as the Arrow also airs feel free to share with us your thoughts about what you think Central city is going to be like without Barry Allen.

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