These are the best free mobile money alternatives in Uganda

Before mobile money tax was introduced back in July, several smartphone wallets were not as popular as they are now with massive downloads from the Google & Apple store. Even though choosing the best app to rely on can be a task for another day, hooking up any of these mobile money alternatives could save you from the 0.5% tax.

First of all, Payway was of the clear founders of a tax/fare free ignition. However, from the playstore, You’ll get to meet various options available with even better packages to help you send/receive money together with paying for Utilities right when you need to. On the contrary, several apps as well have their subscription charges and here is a list of the best mobile money alternatives you can choose to trust.

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  • Payway
  • Xente
  • Chap Chap merchant
  • Pebuu
  • Wala
  • Easy Pay
  • Flexi Pay

The Above mobile money alternatives or simply mobile wallet apps are some of those we’ve tested and surely know how they work, together with their legal existence piled up. Among those we tried using, Payway’s client app came into play as we also downloaded the Pebuu app as a backup to the popular Xente app.

But then, we we’re disappointed by having no utilities option on the Payway app unlike the rest on the list as per the time of writing. Even when, the companies periodically update these apps with better options, we shall compare the functionalities and comfort of riding with any of these apps in our next article.

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