Bill Gates Switches To Android

Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates revealed that he uses an Android-powered smartphone rather than a windows powered phone. While Microsoft’s own powered windows phones popularly known as Microsoft Lumia phones have failed to make a significant impact on the world’s smartphone market that is dominated by Google’s Android operating system. In 2014, the software giant paid $7.2bn (£5.5bn) for Nokia’s handset business, but Windows-powered phones got fewer than 1% of global smartphone sales in the year 2016.

“Microsoft’s strategy under its current chief executive Satya Nadella is to make Microsoft apps and services widely available on Android and iPhone,” said Ian Fogg, an analyst at the tech consultancy IHS Markit.

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“It used to be putting the Windows operating system on everyone’s phone was a priority, but now it’s about selling services such as Office and Outlook email,” said Fogg.

microsoft lumia 950 2071

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With this whole strategy by Microsoft to make its products available all platforms and not limiting it to only the famous windows phones puts it’s market position in a critical condition where users will have to opt for Android and IOS smartphones since they can get the same features of the windows phones on these popular smartphone brands dominating the sphere.

Microsoft Lumia is one of the less popular brands but known for good camera resolutions and great accessibility options,ever since Nokia sold the trend to Microsoft its still in the market with its plans to release their next Nokia android phone which shows that Android is ruling the market better than any other smartphone worldwide with the latest on market being the Android v7.0 and maybe the v8.0 still in development.

As a usual norm,  Samsung will definitely adopt this new Android release for their next galaxy series  with plans to launch soon, since their rival Apple has already launched the iPhone 8 and X thus Samsung has the greed to put its new devices to market and of course not forgetting they are powered by the most popular mobile operating system.

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