Blackberry sues Facebook claiming intellectual theft by the social media giant

Gone are the days when holding a blackberry would make you bounce like a Tech guru. Lately, the American based company has for long had unfinished business with Facebook. With claims of the social media giant Facebook pirating the BBM Idea. Blackberry has taken the matters to court as it sues the company together with its other messaging platforms.

According to the Blackberry lawsuit. The company has tried its level best to negotiate with Facebook officials but in vain. More so reaching the point of filing a case against the social media giant, Blackberry was completely tired of the company’s actions. However speaking confidently to the press. Facebook officials showed no fear and instead hope that they shall win the case filed against them as they said.

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[bs-quote style=”default” quote=”BlackBerry’s suit sadly reflects the current state of its messaging business. Having abandoned its efforts to innovate, BlackBerry is now looking to tax the innovation of others. We intend to fight..” author_name=”Paul Grewal” author_job=”Deputy Counsel, Facebook” author_avatar=”” align=”left” ]

What we expect from Blackberry’s lawsuit

blackberry sues facebook
Facebook reportedly stopped blackberry support and this is taking its extra heights

Having negotiated with Facebook for long. Blackberry’s legal action to file a lawsuit against Whatsapp and Facebook combined is the go-ahead for the manufacturer of the fading smartphone series. However much Blackberry claims that the whole chat ideas were shipped from its BBM platform which allowed users send messages away from the ordinary SMS apps. This would clearly mean, Google and other chat apps are also answerable to the court.

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However with the Whatsapp popularity these days together with all other chat apps. Blackberry may not win the case Given the whole number of companies who have benefited from the new trend. Nevertheless, we shall keep you updated of the results from this lawsuit filed in against Facebook.



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