How to Bypass social media tax in Uganda

Social media tax is the new compulsory stressor in Uganda. While everyone is busy looking for particular VPNs that can shift you from nation to nation. There is a handful of tricks you can comply with and bypass the Government’s social media tax although its a big crime and you can be imprisoned for Tax Invasion.

Procedure 1: Download a VPN

Greeting from Russia, Greetings from China or even Greetings from Jamaica. The sounds of internet users steadily connected outside Uganda flow from every direction of blocked websites including Facebook and Twitter. If you wish to download a VPN and BYpass social media tax, make sure your phone has enough data or Modem that will support you through the connection. They are very many VPNs but here are some of those we recommend you to download and you can read our how to download & install a VPN tutorial like these below.

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bypass social media tax
You can use a VPN to bypass social media tax or Pay 200/= for access
Windscribe: Quite new on the scene. However, it is free for as long as you do not use more than 10GB of data per month. When you tweet about their service, you get an extra 5GB and recommending a friend earns you an extra 1GB for that month.
TunnelBear: Is a partially free VPN that allows you to use up to 500MB free of data monthly. You are expected to pay as soon as your data usage crosses that mark. However, it is a very good VPN.
Speedify: Guarantees you a secure but fast encrypted convection. In the first month of usage, you get free 4GB data usage however, subsequent months gives you up to 1GB data for free monthly. Cross that limit and you are expected to pay.
ProtoVPN: Just like the rest, it has both a paid for and free version. Its free version does not give you limits on data like the previous three do. However, the limitations come in the speed which tends to degrade as more users come on board, especially paid users.

Procedure 2: Change your browser proxy settings

Proxy settings in each and every browser direct your information to go through a specific direction set. Yes, previously social bundles used proxy VPNs to be rediverted to even stronger zones converting them into actual data bundles.

Now, you can search and copy any proxy settings you wish to set in your browser and set them in the privacy settings option on either your phone or desktop browser. We recommend installing chrome proxy apps like Hola VPN from the chrome store.

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installing android apps using whatsapp
social media apps are the most common OTT services being taxed by Government directly

Procedure 3: Quit social media after all

Quitting social media could be your one last resort but Leaving it for good could spare you some peace with the Government. Even though the maximum penalty for bypassing social media tax is 3years, your best chance could be preventing the fact that UCC may buckle up on a search for VPN users in Uganda.

Procedure 4: Pay the Tax

Social media tax may be hard to pay, but how about actually paying it to avoid the bypassing tricks fraudsters may trick you into sending them a penny. Given the rate at which bypass messages are scrolling on the internet, you can choose to pay the tax if everything fails as popular VPNs have been blocked and here a some of those that will help you bypass social media tax if you land on blocked ones.

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