Here is a complete list of useful Africell shortcodes you need to know

Africell Uganda shortcodes are a scarce blend of the best services hidden in usual codes. While we managed to find a list of the Africell money transaction rates. Our next focus was dimmed straight to the telecom’s shortcodes we think you can utilize with ease.

Before heading over to the next swipe, Africell Uganda has two main USSD codes — *133# and *134#. However, all services are embedded in these two codes making it easy to access each and every option. Nonetheless, let’s dive into what these codes offer beneath the main menu since *133# is mainly for data purchases as *134# serves the best Voice bundles in one root menu as Africell money racks at *144#.

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*133# OptionService
Option 1mobile internet packages
Option 2pay go services to activate roaming settings

Option 3unlimited internet packages
Option 4Happy Hour; buy a bundle at 500/- and use it for 1 hour from the time it is subscribed
Option 5Happy night bundles from 12am to 6am
Option 6paying OTT tax
Option 7Reserved for the Special Wednesday bundle each week
Option 8Triple data bundle package
Option 9 checking data balance
Option 10purchasing the StarTimes bundle



*133# OptionService
Option 1Tokota Nnyoo for unlimited voice calls: Tokota Nyoo @500/- for 20 Minutes, 20MBs and 20SMSs valid for 24 hrs and Unlimited Tokata valid for 24 hrs.
Option 2Paka Boom, special offer for every region in Uganda
Option 3International Calls to most destinations
Option 4Super Combo: calls, SMS and data at weekly, daily and monthly packages

Option 5Ofwono Tooti; 30 minutes of calls at Shs500

Option 6SMS bundles

Option 7Supermix; data, voice and SMS bundles at different prices

Option 8checking all the voice bundle balances

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More Africell codes

*100# Main menu
*144# Africell Money
*131# Check Airtime credit
100 Customer Care
*133*6# OTT Tax

A breakdown of all Africell codes

*100#Main menu
*144#Africell money
*133#Internet bundles
*134#Voice bundles
*131#Check airtime balance
*133*6#Pay OTT tax
100Customer care line


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