How to create, View and Use a virtual MTN Momo Card in Uganda

MTN Momo Card is a virtual MasterCard that allows you to make payments online without using your physical bank card. With an MTN Momo Card, payments are made directly from your Mobile Money wallet to any service, the same way you would with a bank card.

Popularly the card can be used to make Netflix payments and its accepted by almost all services online with Mastercard as a payment option. So, Just like your Bankcard, you get to pay for goods and services online, but this time around with your Mobile money balance.

To create an MTN Momo Card, a UGX 1,000 fee is deducted from your Mobile money account in order to create a new virtual card. The card comes with a unique Mastercard number, expiry date (a month from the date of creation), and a CVV (Secret security code).

How to create an MTN Momo Card

  • Dial *165#
  • Select option 6(Financial Services), or Dial *165*6#
  • Then, choose option 5 (MTN Momocard)
  • Select Option 1 (Create MTN MomoCard) to create
  • Enter Your Mobile Money PIN to confirm
  • Done: Copy Your displayed Card details to use your virtual card

How to View your MTN MomoCard

  • Dial *165#, or *165*70# (MTN Momo Card)
  • Select option 6 (Financial services)
  • Then choose option 5 (MTN Momo Card)
  • Select Option 2(View MTN Momocard number)
  • Enter your Mobile Money PIN
  • Done: Your MTN Momo Card details (Number, CVV, Expiry) will be displayed

To use your created virtual card, simply enter the car details where requested. Most services automatically detect the card as a MasterCard based on the first digits, if not automatic, select Momo Card as your payment method and enter the card details.

Each time you make a payment using your MTN Momo card, always be sure to have sufficient mobile money balance in order to complete the transaction, otherwise, a bank error is displayed in case of low funds.

Either way, every created Momo card can only be valid for a period of 1 month from the date of creation. The card expiry can be confirmed with its assigned expiry date. Hence, for auto payments, you should always re-create new virtual cards to complete your payments online.

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