Dial Jack boda hailing service launches in Uganda

Dial Jack Boda is a new moto-taxi hailing service that has finally launched its services officially in Uganda after years of silence studying the ride hailing industry. Joining the Boda hailing industry leaders Safeboda, Taxify Boda and Uber Boda. Dial Jack is the 4th Boda hailing service to launch in the country after Mondo ride and Little cab also teased their launch officially in Uganda.

Launched through the brand name “revolutionary dial jack boda” under dial jack technologies. You can rarely mistake the service for any other green branded boda hailing service for its unique Bike features. Imagine maneuvering Kampala traffic with heavy downpours dominating the climate and still enjoy your Boda ride? Now that seems to be Dial Jack’s tricky advantage over the industry leaders.

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From Dial Jack boda to the competition

During the launch of the boda haiing service. The service rolled out its pricing and customer specific advantages including the Personal accident insurance that excited us about this service. All riders who get involved in accidents while on their Dial Jack trip, free medical insurance will be covered by Afrisafe risk consultants as they confirmed in a tweet.

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Last year, Safeboda ruled the Boda hailing industry as the only service available. However, with Dial jack on the line with Taxify Boda and Uber boda on the same page. It’s by no doubt that ride hailing services in Uganda will soon outcompete the old fashion means as the competition continues to shoot high.

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