A new all-female Ride-hailing service Diva Taxi launches in Uganda

Diva Taxi is a new ride-hailing service that has today been launched in Uganda to mix the competition steam between Uber, Bolt (former Taxify), Littlecab among others.

With an all-female crew piloting Diva Taxi cabs, the ride-hailing service is the first to have single-sex drivers. By its creation formula, it is a service aimed at empowering Women who may have lost their jobs due to the current COVID19 period.

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While the service fronts an App as the customer precision to request for rides, the App co-runs other services which include events car hires, car rental services, and Airport taxi services on top of Taxi-hailing.

The Customer App can be downloaded from the Google Playstore for Android users as an IOS version could be work in progress since the service has just launched on the scene.

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What new with Diva Taxi

Unlike regular Taxi hailing services like Uber, Diva Taxi being an all-female hailing service equips drivers with protective in-app functions like Panic alerts, on top of self-defense skills to guard themselves against suspected clients who could be thieves.

In terms of usage, Diva Taxi brings the same Uber, Bolt, Little theme that we’re all used to, booking rides using an App. However, the unique side of Diva Taxi is the fact that a customer must order a trip 2hours prior to the trip.

This means, the App runs on a scheduled rides list with no relative trip requests. Instead, a driver bumps into your pickup location based on your prescribed time or day to start the trip.

So, Uganda finally has an all-female ride-hailing service in the transport ecosystem. But, based on the current COVID19 period which has low trip rates and hiked rates, Diva Taxi has launched in an unpleasant era, but we expect it to catch up with the trends set by other taxi-hailing wings.

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