DSTV Internet Packages, Prices, and how to get connected

DSTV Internet is the newest broadband solution in Africa having launched last week in South Africa. Multichoice which is the parent company of DSTV launched the service as an alternative for all users with limited access to Fiber Internet.

The fixed wireless Internet service is available for all customers in South Africa and offered in a trio of packages designed to make fast internet affordable for every user. Even though DSTV is present in many African countries, the service is expected to first achieve postive customer reviews in South Africa before Multichoice considers expansion across Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Well, by the looks of things, you’d expect a DSTV Satellite dish providing you stable Internet in your home, but instead, DSTV Internet uses a customer premises equipment (CPE) router to provide high speed connectivity for all users.

Apparently, DSTV Internet is a product of Multichoice’s new theme branded as “an ongoing evolution from a traditional video entertainment business”. As a launch partner, MTN South Africa was selected as the DSTV Internet base ISP through which traffic is routed at super fast speeds similar to those offered on Fiber links.

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DSTV Internet Packages and Prices

25GB25GBR 299
110GB110GBR 499
220GB220GBR 799
DSTV Internet Packages and Prices in SouthAfrica

All available DSTV Internet packages are billed on a monthly basis from as low as 299 South Africa Rands billed for anytime data usage and over night data usage. On Subscription, each preferred package comes with router that connects up to 32 devices and multiple SSID support.

A 25GB comes with a ZTE MF286R 4G router for price the of R 225. Then 110GB tags with a ZTE MF286C router for R 499, and the 220GB package ships with a ZTE MF286C with support for different connection speeds per package respectively.

How to Get connected to DSTV Internet

Actively, you don’t need a DSTV Subscription package to get connected to DSTV Internet, instead, once you simply have to order online through the multichoice purchase portal, once approved, your RICA documents will be required upon collection of your CPE router depending on your selected internet package.

  • Visit the Multichoice DSTV Internet portal
  • Click Signup to get started
  • Fill in your Information, location and intended usage area
  • Choose a DSTV Internet bundle you prefer
  • Make a payment through the available payment methods for your preferred bundle
  • DONE: Once your Information is validated, you will be contacted to pick your DSTV Internet router and SIMCard.

Once you receive your new CPE router, it’s plug and play, you simply have to find a power source, switch the device on and configure your default WiFi SSID to connect your home devices.

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