Earn money online with Jumia by joining its affiliate program

Making money online is one of the hardest tasks to procure in an online sprint. But this is not the case with affiliate income becoming a perfect route to take if you’re aiming at earning a living with your preloaded data. Affiliate marketing is a key online directive that has for long been spearheaded by giant e-commerce websites as an influential route to garnering more buyers.

In case you have always pondered for the best way you can earn legit money online, then it’s your time to brace affiliate marketing which is slowly becoming a go-ahead for A-listers. As a matter of fact, each and every online shopping website has an affiliate program to its name, So, you have multiple choices to choose which program you can ally with for that extra income to cash in.

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In Africa, Jumia leads the online shopping spree with a big blow to external providers like Ali-express, Gearbest, Amazon, eBay among others. So, Jumia market is the perfect one-stop affiliate source you may choose to join if all terms ride up with your online schedules.

The Jumia affiliate marketing team is dubbed J-Force replicating to Jumia force in full, and it’s one program that has attracted many online souls to bevel with the e-commerce giant for an income boost. So, if you’ve always wanted to join the Jumia affiliate team, here is a quick guide on how you can receive a bonus on every purchase made through your links.

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Register for Jforce

Jumia Force is a free to use service open to everyone without any discriminations of any kind on who can and who can’t access the platform. To register for J-Force, simply head over to your country’s portal and register or contact the phone number listed on the platform.

In countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Jforce has its own sub website away from the main Jumia website and you can always track your progress from the portal. However, some countries like Uganda feature a contact number you have to reach in order to join the team and make some good dimes as the links below take you to the respective Jforce contact pages per country.

For Nigeria



Create your online shop and make money

Through Jforce, create your new online shop or follow the program FAQs/ Support to learn how this can be done, then go ahead and preach the gospel of promo codes through your business name. In the essence of time and money, you can easily progress through the ranks and become your own boss within no time.

As online shopping takes on new heights in Africa with a major take on brushing giant e-commerce sites from the zone. Jumia is one of those notable leaders as Kilimall also takes on a timely wave from the east.

Henceforth, it’s better to join the affiliates league at a time when online shopping is still hoping for futuristic heights once internet penetration rises beyond its expected 5G highs by 2021.

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