Enjoy 100% Bonus Cashback On All Utility Payments and Win With Smartpesa

Utility payments just got better with smartpesa the ultimate promising fast rising safer mobile money transfer service available for all smart telecom subscribers. Smartpesa is a mobile money service that was introduced late 2016 by Smart telecom Uganda to provide even more better services for its customers both existing and promising customers.

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SmartPesa translated as Smart money from Pesa meaning money in Swahili Early February smartpesa introduced competitions on smartpesa where customers using the service would win a whooping shs 200,000 shopping voucher and dinner for 2 at Kampala Serena hotel,A draw was conducted to choose the final winner of this amazing campaign and a one Yiga Samson won the awesome voucher courtesy of smart telecom on its initiative to give back to its customers using smartpesa to pay their bills.

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Mr Yiga Samson Receives his voucher

Lately smartpesa has introduced yet another exciting campaign where it shall be rewarding its customers with great prizes this time round include flat screen tvs which are all to be won in a grand draw always conducted at the smart telecom head offices at clement hill.

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In reference to other leading telecom companies including Airtel Uganda who have always conducted such campaigns to encourage and boost their customers towards using their mobile money services have got great and positive feedback from their promotions together with mtn which was rewarding its customers with Mtn kiosks and mobile money startup capital to the selected winners whereas Airtel gave out cars,flat screens among other prizes in its yoola amajja campaign that saw more customers believing and renewing their trust in Airtel uganda. With such a rise in the mobile banking sector many telecom companies have dived into it to bring these services closer to their customers so as they enjoy the ultimate joy of mobile banking generally.

airtel money home banner

Mobile banking as the new future of banking and most rising banking platform,Preferably majority of Ugandan telecoms have adopted to this change and rising need by introducing the popular mobile money service now available on Africell,Smart,Airtel,Utl,Mtn as Africell money,smartpesa,airtel money,mtn mobile money respectively and this movement has drawn more competition into the telecom industry as of other companies including vodafone uganda,smile communications among others plan to establish this service too inorder to provide the best services to their customers and ofcourse give them the secure money transfer in their hands with just a tap or dial of a shortcode to access mobile banking at no cost unlike banks that charge for the service each time a customer accesses the shortcode on their phone Centenary bank being one of the banks providing this service as cente mobile for the customers to enjoy mobile banking at their own convinience without the need to lineup in a que to access their funds in the bank or on an atm branch but rather simply dial the shortcode and access their bank right in their hands.

Centenary bank’s Centemobile
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Smartpesa having introduced the amazing mobile banking service now invites you to try the amazing smartpesa preferably the best and only mobile money service giving cashbacks to customers on their utility payments and any other products purchased with smartpesa. Whats your view on this amazing smartpesa initiative? Feel free to leave u a comment below

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