Facebook is planning to merge Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger into 1 single app

A decade ago, Facebook was known as one of the fastest rising online based startups with a promising high impact in the future. In 2019, Facebook is the biggest social media platform consisting of all sorts of content creators and ever-growing community amidst stiff competition from Twitter and its very own Instagram and Whatsapp platforms.

Instagram is a photo sharing platform that is co-owned by facebook the same way Whatsapp is one of the most downloaded apps for smartphones on both Android and IOS. Now, the latest news spread around Facebook’s domination map this year is that, the social media giant is planning to make Whatsapp, Instagram, and Messenger platforms a single app solution.

If Facebook succeeds in creating 1 joint app, it means you can reply to your Whatsapp messages as an option off Facebook messenger and Instagram for your further social media deeds without leaving the app.

Even when Whatsapp Ads already exist in India, Facebook’s creation of a 1 joint app means it will become a joint venture for ADs and a perfect trip for advertisers targeting users on these platforms. Nonetheless, we are on the Nights watch team waiting to see if Facebook will indeed fulfill its mandate of creating 1 single app for all its apps.


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