How to find and remove fake followers on your Twitter account

Twitter is by far the most popular corporate framed social media platform closely sharing its slot with LinkedIn on the podium and facebook borrowing a minor seat on the ladder. So, having fake followers on the bluebird platform is not only a shameful fact, but also kills your actual overall potential reach per Tweet shared from your account.

However, many Twitter account holders have fake followers as a form of gaining authority take over on the platform. Away from a personal perspective, digital managers at times borrow the works of fake followers/bots to increase their maximum payout or authority on the web.

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In the previous years, several Ugandans on twitter (UOT) lead heads started a war against accounts with fake followers posing as the ultimate digital leaders in Uganda. One of the notable digital enthusiasts Mathia Ssemanda (@mathiasSemanda) pinned Next media accounts for having more fake follower leads than any other local brand on the platform.

But then, before you look out to a brand with a high fake follower account, how about if you audit your personal account bunch to find out how many followers are fake and how you can get rid of them at once. Well, here is a duo of tools you can use to detect how many fake followers a user has or even your personal Twitter account holds.

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Twitter Audit

twitter audit
A sample Twitter audit report

As the name sounds, Twitter audit runs an independent audit on your account’s follower account and determines the percentage of fake users attached to the account. You need no separate login credentials, but simply login using your Twitter account to audit any user’s account to query the followers account.

Fake Followers (Google chrome extension)

Probably the easiest way to calculate the number of fake followers on a Twitter account =, but restricted to only Google chrome users is the Fake followers plugin/extension. By downloading and Installing the fake followers app from the chrome store, you get to see the number of fake followers a user has by simply accessing their profile link.

However, the developers of this application last rolled out an update in 2014 meaning the plugin might at times jam on querying an account sue to the monthly desktop themes/standards rolled out by Twitter. Luckily, we have used this app and by the time of writing its calculative algorithm still works fine.

Circle Boom

Similar to Hootsuite and Buffer, Circle boom is a social media management portal that not only provides you with an all in one solution, but also helps you run audits on your account and determine the best security practices. Among the key features, you can use on the free plan is auditing fake followers on your Twitter account.

To run an audit on Circle boom, simply signing up to the platform with your Twitter credentials to gain access to your dashboard where you can audit the number of fake followers you have and be able to delete them by upgrading your account or having a taste of a free Pro trial period.

Removing Fake Twitter followers

Fake followers are not necessarily low engagement users, but these are usually bots tracking your account flow and probably affect your online presence on the platform by a slightly higher margin. With the above tools, you can easily remove or block all fake followers by using Twitteraudit and Circle boom pro features.

Either way, you can manually block detected fake followers by manually clicking the follower count off your main account profile. Hence, the next time you have multiple bots following your account, you know how to easily get rid of them in the best way possible.

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