Five Things You Should Do Before Sellling Off Your Android Phone

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Selling your android phone should be a simple straight forward but if you know the right steps thats the best way to accumulate cash from your android smartphone today,Well if you are not sure of the steps to take before you can sale off your Android smartphone fear not for we’ve got you covered.
You may already know well that you shall need to hard reset your smartphone before selling it off but thats the last thing to do amidst other relevant steps that you may need to go through before you can actually sale off you smartphone today more importantly,Lets dig in deep.

Step 1: Back-up

First you going to back up all your stuff including documents together with any other related files you may need for your day to day or future tasks,call logs too together with messages may be important for your own personal reference so the best recommedation you could use message/call logs back up apps to get all your stuff in one place ready for full back up to the cloud or any local storage you may have whether an sdcard or flashdisk.Fortunately their easy ways where you could back up with ease.

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If you are looking to back up your photos and videos Google photos would be the best option as of it comes pre-installed on your phone ready to use and will always back up your files automatically when connected to wireless networks,With Google photos you files are fully backed up alongside your Good Drive storage and you can access these files anywhere anytime where on mobile or computer.
Same applies to documents and downloads you can easily back them up with google drive and Dropbox which are wuite reliable and of low cost as compared to other cloud storage providers.
If you wish to save your contacts,messages and call logs,Double tap into the topics:

Step2: Encrypt all your data

This may seem a little threatening but its not a bad idea to encrypt your phone before you can carryou a factory reset,Why? Because a factory data reset doesnot erase 100% of data/files within your device and these remaining fragments of backedup data maybe retrieved back using some sophiscated tools that get it back right in its full form even before it was deleted,so encrypting your phone makes your data further more secure for you never know how many people will use the same phone you just sold off to a single individual.

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Inorder to make sure that left behind files cannot be retrieved and are inaccessible by anyone,you have to encrypt your phone since if anyone tries to use tools and retrieve the left over data all they shall get will be rubbish thus protecting your data from malicious use.
This encryption process maybe a little lengthy and their are additional things to consider before enabling encryption,But again we have a premier subject that will direct you exactly what you need to know,things to consider before and how to do it.
Encryption as the best step you can take to secure your data together with any fragments left over after perfoming a hardreset since also applications on your phone backup given data in hidden files why not encrypt today before that hard reset.You r Welcome

Step3: Perform a full hard/factory reset

Lastly you’ll want to perfom a full hard/factory reset to set it back to its factory state just like the way you purchased it.This will erase everything on the on the device including internal memory contents if applicable and put it back to a fresh out of the box state with the google tutorial welcome screen where you will be required to login and take you through the phone features,well thats a phase left for your new buyer to compelete since the phone is back to its factory state.
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While the factory reset may vary between different manufacturers and phone models the simplest and easiest way is to navigate to -> settings -> choose the backup & reset option where you can aswell get the full factory rest option to rest your device with a tap,though google will ask you whether you would really wish to execute this action but choice already made hit yes and proceed,wait for 2-5 mins your phone will reboot with all data erased fully including your internal storage files,contacts,call logs,messages,installed apps among others and back to its default factory settings and apps pre-installed.
Another way and a little complicated dirty way to reset your device and is actually most preferred incase of a lost password/pattern,this varies per device but on pressing a combination of keys while the device is off will bring up various options where you can navigate using your volume buttons and select Wipe/Factory reset.If you not sure how to do this worry not,Read How to Perform a hard reset.
Step4: Earn Profit

Now here is the deal,Go on sell that phone well without loosing any single piece of your data and earn profit depending on the usage life of your phone,We recommend OLX or Jumia to sell off your used smartphone securely with a wide range of customers who will look out to purchase your phone and if specified well you will always receive 4-10 calls per day inquiring about your phone even when its sold off you may still get inquiries about it,Why not enjoy the joy of keeping you phone in good shape by getting a good profit off it?
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We conclude that selling things is some huge pain,but its necessary play for some people and if its something you have to do,atleast make sure you are doing it the right way for both yourself & the buyer of whatever kind of device you offer.
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