Forget The Scammers Here is the Articipated Whatapp Gold

Whatsapp Gold One of those Whatsapp mods most Android users have opted to install on their phones but rather got the reverse of what they expected,They instead get fake ads and most annonying are the fake apps compeletely reverse to what the user expected


At Onlustech We are giving you the Whatsapp Gold that you have always searched for and tried looking for everywhere around the corner,Well the search is over just download Whatsapp Gold from us today.But frist lets take you through the Whatsapp Gold features

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  • Disable Voice call 
  • Disable Voice note
  • Added option to change app icon (26total)
  • Ban Proof (You cant be banned from a whatsapp group)
  • Change Language in app
  • New emoji
  • Copy Status (You can copy your contact’s status)
  • Group message counter
  • Zoom in to image profile
  • Added increase video size upload limit to 30mb
  • Status toast
  • Delete recent emoji
  • Status toast
  • Contact toast
  • New tricks
These and other amazing features you shall discover by yourself are all blended into this app,Try it today and Give us your feedback here,We shall surely address it whether positive or Negative together with questions are welcome.Enjoy!
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