Full list of OTT services you’ll pay tax for beginning 1st July 2018

Social media tax is around the corner and everyone is set looking for solutions in all directions they can flow. The good news is you can bypass social media tax by simply redirecting your device to a different country or downloading that super strong VPN. Among the services you’ll have to pay for in order to access them fully, Facebook and Whatsapp lead the OTT services taxation line.

List of OTT services taxed in Uganda

 WhatsApp·        Telegram·        Freevideo – Mail.Ru·        Tumblr·        Facebook·        IM+·        TextMe·        Kik·        Twitter·        IMessenger·        TalkU·        Chatouts·        Truecaller·        Yahoo Messenger·        LOVOO·        Grindr·        Google Hangouts·        Facetime·        Drupe·        LiveTalk·        Google Alla·        Android Messages·        Imo·        Zalo·        Viber·        New Messenger·        Hangouts Dialer·        Kakao Talk·        SnapChat·        Textra·        CallerID·        Mood·        LINE·        Instagram·        magicApp·        Google Plus·        Phone+·        WiCall·        Skype·        LinkedIn·        Call Free·        WeChat·        Badoo·        BBM-Free·        Signal·        InMessage·        Hitwe·        Voxer Walkie Talkie·        StealthChat·        TrueCaller·        SayHi·        Hike·        Tinder·        Hi5·        iPair-Meet·        Moments·        MeetMe

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The above and many more are the officially taxed OTT services in Uganda that will require you to pay Shs 200 effective 1st July 2018.

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