Game Of Thrones To Return In 2019! Here are Season 7 Highlights

Game Of thrones the ultimate tv show that stole the internet by storm aired its season 7 a few months ago after a long while from season 6.Incase you dont know what Game of thrones is? Its an adventure series by HBO a hollywood based filming company that suffered leaked scripts and hacks during the airing of this popular tv show which features great characters portrayed in a way of kingdoms fighting for the overall power of ruling the 7 kingdoms right basing as Kingslanding in Westros,you have definately heard about the mother of dragons! yes the only woman who gave birth to 3 dragons in the popular series since its from their lineage of the Taegryan house.

Cersi Lanister together with Jaime Lanister During the Kingslanding meetup with Daenrys

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Season 7 featured the ultimate journey to the dragon stone by Queen Daenrys and her army consisting of the dothoraki together with her hand Tyrion Lanister who are ready to strike kingslanding and according to game of thrones fans they expected the attack on kingslanding to happen in the exciting season 7 but well we have to wait till 2019 to watch season 8 of this exciting movie series by HBO where we expect to see house Taegryan reclaim its throne back from the Lanisters.

The army of the dead has striked the great wall with its one and only ice dragon acquired during the attack on the dead on their way to the wall.Bran Starck is believed to be the night king who heads and orders the army of the dead according to fan theory but how true is this? Is it a right hint since he claims to now be the 3 eyed raven according to a conversaton with sammy tally, Jon snow in conjuction with Tyrion Lanister decided to have peace talks with Cersie Lanister in kingslanding and present a dead man as proof and request for a truce from the crown but this ended in vain since Cersie wanted the king in the north to stay away from matters of the crown since only Ned Starcks son would keep his word, fortunately Tyrion requested for a moment with her sister since he could try talking to her about the matters that brought them to Kingslanding only to know that shes pregnant again.

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The Night King as Portrayed In Game Of Thrones Season 7

Aegon Targaeryan Son of aryana starck and ray Targaeryan is the rightful heir to the throne and his name is Jon Snow who has never been a bastard as raised from the Starcks since Ned Starck promised to her sister that she could raise him as his own due to the hunt of the crown’s rightful heirs duing and after robert’s rebellion to the throne.According to Bran Starck Jon Snow is rightful king and as brought back from the dead by the God of light he is yet to lead and take over his throne in the next season.

Daenryrs Tagaeryan And Jon Snow Have A chat Shortly after the meeting at kingslanding

“I lost one of my children,I cant have any children the dragons are all i have” Daenrys Targaeryan to Jon Snow who only replied “Who told you that,What if he/she was not a reliable source”,this conviced Daenrys to have a 2nd thought and maybe give Jon Snow a chance to have a child with him.Later in the night Jon Snow entered into Daenryrs’s chambers in the presence of Tyrion who stood outside listening to the two having sex and looked like a bad idea to him,Does Tyrion have a plan to betray the queen? Well should we expect to loose yet another excting character like little finger come season 8? Now that Litlle finger is gone due to betrayal and plan to aust the Starcks what does the future hold? Odds are Tyrion might have a bad idea that may make him be burnt alive,whats your take shar with us your thoughts in the comments section

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